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We Clean all Types of Cotton, Wool, Silk, Nylon & Olefin Rugs

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Persian Carpet Cleaning

Handwoven Persian rugs are as much an art form as a Picasso or Matisse.

A handwoven Persian Rug is unique in the sense that no two will ever be exactly the same. Each rug is constructed by hand and the designs depict stories or themes on the tribal areas where they were woven.

A typical 8x10 wool Persian rug can take anywhere from 6-12 months to be constructed by one or two people, all by hand.

This is why when cleaning Persian Rugs it is crucial that the correct cleaning methods are being used.

An inexperienced cleaner can permanently damage a Persian rug by cleaning it the wrong way.

At PureGreen our Persian Rug Cleaning NYC technician's are knowledgeable in cleaning even the most delicate rugs.

Our technicians can provide you with a free inspection in your home and offer the best cleaning option for your particular rug, since no two rugs are the same.

As always only non toxic green labeled products are used during our cleaning process. Typically we can pick up your rugs and have them back in your possession within 7 business days looking as good as new.

We also offer repair services for rugs. If your rug needs new binding or fringes or a hole patched.


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