Who doesn’t love lazy weekend family evening, in your comfortable and cozy home space? Actually, your carpet plays a big role in making them cozy.  But, has it ever occurred to you that cozy and clean looking home might not be that clean after all? That it may be infested by billions of micro bacteria that desperately want to establish their colonies? Turns out, your warm and snug carpets are one of the best places for the tiny buggers to just that. Take a Virtual hi-5 if you noticed the pun 😉 . Another big (and much more important) question that arises from here is, how you are going to make your home safer for your family? And what measures[…]

For the Eco-friendly homeowner, we are the premier service provider to call in NYC when you need your carpets cleaned. We specialize in organic carpet cleaning services. Not only do we eliminate the harmful toxins, chemicals, and solvents when cleaning your carpets and flooring, we also guarantee you will be pleased with our cleaning services when you choose us for our services. With years of experience, we utilize the latest cleaning methods, we employ the use of the best cleaners, agents, and equipment, and we only employ the most qualified and licensed cleaning professionals, to provide organic carpet cleaning services in your home. Why choose organic? – Consider this. You wouldn’t dump harsh chemicals, detergent, and soaps when taking a[…]

Oriental Rugs come in all different shapes and sizes. The most common material found in oriental rugs is wool and often times silk as well. Both are very resilient fabrics and with the proper maintenance your rugs should last you several lifetimes depending on the quality. To determine the quality of an oriental handwoven area rug, several things are taken into consideration. The two most important and decisive factors are knot count and age. The tighter the weave, the higher the knot count, which means the rug weaver spent a lot of time and attention weaving this rug, creating a priceless work of art. In many cases a standard 8×10 wool rug can have taken 7-9 months to weave by[…]

At PureGreen we specialize in cleaning and restoration of fine area rugs from all over the world. We are confident that our rug cleaning process is the most thorough you can get in NYC! In order to preserve the life of a quality handwoven area rug, they need to be properly maintained. Depending on the amount of traffic and usage that the rugs are receiving they should typically be professionally cleaned every 8-16 months with regular routine vacuuming in between. Wool rugs in particular hide a lot of dust and soil before they even begin to show signs of dirt. Even with regular vacuuming you cannot remove deeply embedded soil from the rugs without a deep professional cleaning. Our customers[…]

We receive calls all the time with the same issue. HELP! Moth are eating my rug!! Moth damage to an area rug can be devastating. In many cases the damage can be too far gone for repairs, however early detection can save your rug. Moth are attracted to wool rugs because of the high protein content the wool provides for their larvae. The moth will lay there eggs in the rug and when the larvae hatch….free lunch! They thrive in dark corners and will often times do there damage without you even knowing about it. This is why regular vacuuming and deep cleaning once a year is recommended.  Having your rug professional cleaned will keep it free from pests and[…]

Upholstery Cleaning NYC People often neglect there upholstery and skip on cleaning them, however the truth of the matter is that your sofas and couches need cleaning as much as your carpets and rugs. We spend a lot of time lounging and sitting down in our comfy sectionals. Our bodies are constantly shedding dead skin cells, hair, and body oil. All of these things become embedded in the fabric of your upholstery and over time can create a dingy look on the fabric and wear it down faster. Not to mention odors. You’d be surprised what we can extract out of your sofa. Lots of times our customers are shocked to see the dirty water at the end of the[…]

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Every day we receive new calls for new situations that arise. Every single job we go out on is always unique and that is why we treat each job individually to address the specific needs of that particular situation. Experience and training has taught us how to effectively and safely remove stains and odors without compromising the structural integrity of the fabric we are working with.  Our Carpet Cleaning NYC technicians have been fully immersed in cleaning and handling the most delicate fabrics such as silk, wool, cotton, velvet….the list goes on and on. Most companies use harsh detergents which they pour into their machines in order to clean the carpet with. The problem with that is, now you have[…]

Organic Rug Cleaning NYC, Organic Carpet Cleaning NYC, Carpet Cleaning NYC, Green Rug Cleaning

At PureGreen are experience in cleaning and restoring fine and delicate rugs is second to none. We are fully capable and equipped in handling all rugs from oriental rugs, Persian rugs, Turkish, Shag and Silk. When cleaning expensive and antique area rugs certain measures must be taken to avoid destroying the rug. An improper cleaning can often result in numerous issues that sometimes may be irreversible. Silk rugs are especially difficult to clean for an uneducated rug cleaner. A hand woven silk rug can be very expensive and when it’s time for a cleaning you’ll want to make sure that rug is in the best hands possible. We cannot tell you how many times we have seen silk rugs in[…]

We recently got called in by a large Church in New York that desperately needed the Church pews and carpets professionally deep cleaned. Everything was in very poor condition due to the fact that they receive a lot of traffic at this location and they have not been cleaned in quite some time. There were multiple tough stains that we had to tackle. Mostly coffee and drink spills and general body oils. After assessing the conditions of the fabric we were working with we recommended our our deep organic shampoo cleaning. Firstly we pretreated all the spots with our green labeled pre-conditioner. This is a vital step in the cleaning process that many companies do not even take. What this[…]

Let’s face it. Finding professional services to do work around your home can be stressful. With so many unscrupulous companies out there, choosing the best company to do business with can be a fruitful task for the uneducated consumer. When cleaning area rugs we understand that sometimes the rug that needs cleaning can hold a significant sentimental or monetary value to the customer and that is why we take extra care to ensure that your rugs are treated as if they are our own. To help make the decision making process for choosing a rug cleaner in we have created this list of 5 questions to ask any company when you are looking to hire them for your home. Are[…]