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At PureGreen are experience in cleaning and restoring fine and delicate rugs is second to none.

We are fully capable and equipped in handling all rugs from oriental rugs, Persian rugs, Turkish, Shag and Silk.

When cleaning expensive and antique area rugs certain measures must be taken to avoid destroying the rug. An improper cleaning can often result in numerous issues that sometimes may be irreversible.

Silk rugs are especially difficult to clean for an uneducated rug cleaner. A hand woven silk rug can be very expensive and when it’s time for a cleaning you’ll want to make sure that rug is in the best hands possible.

We cannot tell you how many times we have seen silk rugs in NYC that have been damaged by a cleaner who claimed to be an expert, not experienced in handling fine and delicate rugs.

Many steam cleaners in New York will attempt to clean your silk rug using the same cleaning methods that they use when they are cleaning wall to wall carpeting. Now, there wall to wall carpet cleaning method might be extremely thorough and professional on carpets, but using that same method on a silk rug will more than likely destroy it.

Using chemicals that carry a high pH level can cause discoloration in the rug, sheen damage and color runs. Often times we receive calls from customers who will use a product like resolve or oxyclean on a silk rug to try and remove a spot, only to find out that they have made it far worse.

Overwetting the rug and improper drying will result in a stiff uncomfortable rug. When silk rugs become wet, the fabric will dry hard and stiff. It must be treated with a softener and the pile must be brushed during the drying process to ensure no stiffness.

Aside from these dangers, many other issues can also occur during the cleaning process like browning, buckling, pile damage, and fringe damage.

A professional silk rug cleaner will never clean your silk rug in your home. The rugs need to be taken out to be cleaned in a controlled environment where they can safely and effectively be cleaned by hand using a low moisture cleaning process that will not cause stiffness, bleeding or any damage to the rug.

At PureGreen we offer expert silk rug cleaning nyc services. If you are in need of a free inspection we would be happy to accommodate you. We also do all repairs including, fringe repairs, Persian binding, re-weaving, and dyeing.

In New York City, your rugs and textiles tend to take more of a beating than anywhere else. This is due largely to the fact that we live in a major city with lots of airborne pollution and lots of foot traffic. Cleaning your rugs once a year will not only preserve the rug but also create a healthier environment for your family to reside in.

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Pure Green offers Expert Silk Rug Cleaning Services in NYC

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