At PureGreen we specialize in cleaning and restoration of fine area rugs from all over the world. We are confident that our rug cleaning process is the most thorough you can get in NYC!

In order to preserve the life of a quality handwoven area rug, they need to be properly maintained. Depending on the amount of traffic and usage that the rugs are receiving they should typically be professionally cleaned every 8-16 months with regular routine vacuuming in between.

Wool rugs in particular hide a lot of dust and soil before they even begin to show signs of dirt. Even with regular vacuuming you cannot remove deeply embedded soil from the rugs without a deep professional cleaning. Our customers are almost always shocked to see what we are able to remove from a rug simply with our dusting process. A typical 8×10 wool area rug can hide about 10 pounds of dust before it even begins to look dirty!

Our cleaning process begins in your home with a proper inspection. Our NYC rug cleaning technicians will thoroughly inspect your rug for any pre-existing stains or damage and provide you with an inspection report detailing what to expect with a cleaning.

Once that had been done we will move any furniture and roll up the rug to transport it back to our state of the art cleaning facility in NYC. As a preliminary process all rugs first go through our thorough dusting/dry soil removal process. This is a very crucial step in the cleaning process that many rug washers tend to skip. Without a proper dusting process the rugs are not being cleaned to their full potential. By skipping the dusting process and going straight to the wash, all the dirty soil and dust gets mixed up with the water and in turn becomes a muddy mess that most often does not get fully extracted from the rug.

The results are a sub-par cleaning…and we do not cut corners. After the dusting process we will then pre-treat any pre-existing spots that may need special attention, for example urine stains, red wine or coffee stains. Once that has been done it is time for our soaking process. We fully submerge the rug in our custom fit wash pools so that both front and back get a thorough cleaning. This process helps remove all deeply embedded soil from the rug and if pet odor is an issue, they will be long gone after the soaking.

Once the rugs have been soaked and hand washed we extract any remaining water and either hang them up to dry or dry flat depending on the area rug. Our temperature controlled dry rooms ensure for a fast dry time. As an optional treatment we can also apply a wool safe fabric protector onto the rugs to keep them clean in between cleanings.

We recently picked up and cleaned a severely soiled area rug from one of our customers. This was a valuable rug and required a deep restoration cleaning. We did have to clean the rug twice but the end result was something both we and our customer were proud of! Take a look at the before and after photos below!

If you are in the Manhattan area and are looking for rug cleaning services we would be happy to assist you! Give us a call today to meet with one of our rug cleaning NYC technicians!

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Deep Restoration Rug Cleaning Process in NYC

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