For the Eco-friendly homeowner, we are the premier service provider to call in NYC when you need your carpets cleaned. We specialize in organic carpet cleaning services. Not only do we eliminate the harmful toxins, chemicals, and solvents when cleaning your carpets and flooring, we also guarantee you will be pleased with our cleaning services when you choose us for our services. With years of experience, we utilize the latest cleaning methods, we employ the use of the best cleaners, agents, and equipment, and we only employ the most qualified and licensed cleaning professionals, to provide organic carpet cleaning services in your home.

Why choose organic? –
Consider this. You wouldn’t dump harsh chemicals, detergent, and soaps when taking a shower or bathing your kids. So, why would you use these harsh cleaners when having your floors cleaned? Your family, the kids, your pets, friends, and family who visit are all affected by the toxic cleaning agents, chemicals, and solvents which most major carpet cleaning companies use to clean your carpets.

We take an alternate approach. We focus on cleaning your floors using the cleanest, organic, and most Eco-friendly cleaning agents when we clean your carpets. This promotes a healthier household, a safer environment for your kids and anyone who enters the home, and it ensures a sustainable environment after our services are rendered. Whether it is cleaning the living room floor, or every room in your home, we only use the cleanest, organic cleaners, when you call us for our carpet cleaning services. We strive to provide the best services, all while offering our customers a healthier and cleaner option when it comes to having their carpets cleaned in the home.

Our cleaning solutions –
Our organic carpet cleaning services are unparalleled to other companies in the NYC area. In addition to using a proprietary cleaning agent, which was developed by our team of professionals, we guarantee the cleaning agents used are just as powerful as any harsh chemical cleaner, and will do the job just as well (if not better), all while eliminating the risks which are posed by chemical cleaners.

Our cleaning agents eliminate the harsh chemical agents found in commercial cleaning soaps which most major carpet cleaning companies use. We remove all allergens from your carpets and upholstery, employing the use of our natural, “Green” cleaning agents. We also ensure to eliminate a majority of the airborne bacteria from your carpets and flooring, to help improve the air quality in the home, and to ensure your floors and upholstery look brand new once we are finished with our services.

Our cleaning solutions are as natural as can be found on the market today. All of the ingredients used to produce our cleaning agents are produced by Mother Earth. No harsh chemicals, dyes, or toxins are used to produce the cleaning solutions we use when cleaning your carpets. Our products are “Green-Certified.” This is a guarantee that they are safe, they won’t cause damage or threats to anyone in the home, and they are all natural. All ingredients used in our cleaners are GRAS (from the generally recognized as safe list). No phosphates, sticky residue, or toxins are left behind, meaning the areas we clean are safe for your kids and pets, the minute we are finished with our cleaning services.

Our services –
When you choose us as your organic carpet cleaning service professionals, you are working with the very best professionals in NYC. In addition to general carpet cleaning services, we offer a variety of services, all of them being “Green” cleaning services for our customers. We do:
– General carpet cleaning, using the cleanest, organic solutions to get rid of tough dirt and stains.
– Spot cleaning services. Allowing for a deeper clean and allowing us to target deep set in stains or marks.
– Upholstery cleaning. Allow us to remove red wine, chocolate, or other tough stains from your couches.
– Odor removal. With our all natural cleaning solutions, we can get rid of the pet odors, and odors which are present in the floors from everyday wear and tear.
We can also spot treat urine stains, pet spots, or other hard to remove stains. If you have tried every cleaning method imaginable, only to fall short of getting the carpets to look good, give us a call.

We ensure our services are going to remove the tough set in stains, and we ensure your carpets are not only going to look better, but are also going to smell better once we are finished with our services. Our all natural shampooing agents are going to eliminate the stuck on stains and odors. And, with the all natural ingredients used in our cleaners, you won’t notice the heavy and harsh smell of chemicals, which is generally the case when you hire a general carpet cleaning company for the job.

Our guarantees –

At PureGreen our organic carpet cleaning NYC services are unparalleled to that of what other local competitors have to offer. For starters, we only employ fully licensed, trained, and certified professionals to render the cleaning services. Therefore, we know any one of our professionals that are called to your home will do the job right the first time. We also ensure to use the best, organic, natural cleaning solutions to get your carpets cleaned. Whether it is spot treatment, or general carpet cleaning, we use the latest methods, and best cleaners to remove stains.

We are so sure you will be pleased with our work, that we guarantee the best clean, and your satisfaction, when you hire us for our organic carpet cleaning services. We also guarantee the best rates for the work we do.

Give us a call today to learn about the services we offer, to find out more about our natural organic cleaning methods, or simply to speak to one of our professionals, to walk you through our process. We can provide you with a quote for services and set up a date to visit your home. Call us today to schedule an appointment, and see the real difference we can make when you hire us for your organic carpet cleaning service needs in NYC.


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