Who doesn’t love lazy weekend family evening, in your comfortable and cozy home space? Actually, your carpet plays a big role in making them cozy.  But, has it ever occurred to you that cozy and clean looking home might not be that clean after all? That it may be infested by billions of micro bacteria that desperately want to establish their colonies? Turns out, your warm and snug carpets are one of the best places for the tiny buggers to just that. Take a Virtual hi-5 if you noticed the pun 😉 . Another big (and much more important) question that arises from here is, how you are going to make your home safer for your family? And what measures[…]

At PureGreen we specialize in cleaning and restoration of fine area rugs from all over the world. We are confident that our rug cleaning process is the most thorough you can get in NYC! In order to preserve the life of a quality handwoven area rug, they need to be properly maintained. Depending on the amount of traffic and usage that the rugs are receiving they should typically be professionally cleaned every 8-16 months with regular routine vacuuming in between. Wool rugs in particular hide a lot of dust and soil before they even begin to show signs of dirt. Even with regular vacuuming you cannot remove deeply embedded soil from the rugs without a deep professional cleaning. Our customers[…]

Upholstery Cleaning NYC People often neglect there upholstery and skip on cleaning them, however the truth of the matter is that your sofas and couches need cleaning as much as your carpets and rugs. We spend a lot of time lounging and sitting down in our comfy sectionals. Our bodies are constantly shedding dead skin cells, hair, and body oil. All of these things become embedded in the fabric of your upholstery and over time can create a dingy look on the fabric and wear it down faster. Not to mention odors. You’d be surprised what we can extract out of your sofa. Lots of times our customers are shocked to see the dirty water at the end of the[…]

We recently got called in by a large Church in New York that desperately needed the Church pews and carpets professionally deep cleaned. Everything was in very poor condition due to the fact that they receive a lot of traffic at this location and they have not been cleaned in quite some time. There were multiple tough stains that we had to tackle. Mostly coffee and drink spills and general body oils. After assessing the conditions of the fabric we were working with we recommended our our deep organic shampoo cleaning. Firstly we pretreated all the spots with our green labeled pre-conditioner. This is a vital step in the cleaning process that many companies do not even take. What this[…]

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One of the biggest problems people face with indoor carpet is that it makes the perfect home for mites, mold spores, and dust.  While vacuuming is the first line of defense in cleaning your carpet, eventually your carpet will need to be cleaned with a specialized solution.  Many of these carpet cleaning solutions contain a dry cleaning agent called perchloroethylene.  Other cleaners may contain naphthalene which is a carcinogenic solvent that has been linked to red blood cell damage.  Besides the major cancer-causing risks associated with both of these chemicals, people have often reported dizziness and nausea from the fumes.  Pets are affected the same way that humans are.  For these reasons, neither of these substances should ever be used[…]